In just a few months, nations from around the world will join together for the next iteration of the Winter Olympics. This time, the games take us to Sochi, Russia, a beautiful seaside resort that features the snowcapped mountains and icy climate that make for an excellent Olympic season.


If you're planning a visit to Sochi for the games, here's a quick rundown of what you need to know.


The details


​The games kick off on February 7 and last until the 23rd. There will be 85 nations represented, vying for 98 metals in seven sports. All the fan favourites will be there - figure skating, skiing, inline skating and bobsled. There will also be a number of new events added to the program, like mixed relay biathlon, ski half-pipe and snowboard slopestyle, making this Winter Olympics, the largest event to date.


Sochi is billing itself as "the most compact" games in Olympic history, which means people should be able to easily walk from one venue to another. However, bear in mind that there are two "clusters" - one in the mountains and one on the shoreline - that are 48 kilometres apart. Fortunately, there will be a train that runs from one to the other, making it easy for visitors to see all of the 11 arenas that make up the 2014 Winter Olympic games.


Getting to Sochi


Sochi is a beautiful region with a unique climate - it's been described as simultaneously Mediterranean and alpine thanks to its proximity to both the ocean and mountains. It's located on the Black Sea close to the Georgian border.


There are flights from major cities in Russia and surrounding countries, including 15 flights daily from Moscow in to Sochi. You should have no problem finding your way to the city, even if you don't travel by air. Rail services also run there, and you can get from Moscow to Sochi by train in 24 to 30 hours.When making travel plans, consider looking at other major connecting cities like Prague, Oslo, Zurich, London and Madrid.


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