From the bustling cities along the coast to the quiet and reserved villages, there is one element that ties the massive country of Brazil together. Harmony pervades this superlative country where the longest beaches, largest river, biggest forest and best soil all combine to create an upbeat rhythm and joyful nature found throughout Brazil.

Brazil is an enormous country full of captivating vistas, expanses of tranquil coastline, and bustling and energetic cities. If you are an adventurer, you will meet your match here. There is more biodiversity of plants and animals within the country borders than anywhere else in the world. Try taking a horseback ride through the Pantanal and spy on the animals living among the flooded forests in the Amazon. Visit the coast for a day-long whale watching trip or rip into supreme surfing breaks. When you’re done above the waves dips below the surface for an out-of-this-world snorkelling trip. There is adventure waiting for you in Brazil, regardless of your budget—big or small!

Imagine sinking your toes into soft, warm sand and maybe the idea of doing nothing trumps adventure in your book. There are plenty of high-quality places to do nothing in Brazil as close to 8,000km of its borders is coastline. There are coastal cities that are packed with partygoers and an air of joie de vivre that can be felt all around. There are also massive parts of the coastline that are uninhabited, offering a retreat from the impressive energy of the city.


Brazil’s most famous celebration, Carnaval, takes place over 5 days in the spring, leading up to Mardi Gras and the beginning of Lent. There are a profusion of dazzling costumes, intricate and colourful floats, and general revelry. While Rio de Janeiro is considered the Carnaval Capital of the World, Carnaval celebrations can also be found in towns and villages throughout all of Brazil. It’s a euphoric event where people dance, sing, party and have fun. Tourists may flood the area for Carnaval celebrations (close to half a million of them every year!), but Carnaval remains a true and important expression of Brazilian culture and its people.

You won’t regret the time spent in the sensational, amicable, bold and remarkable South American country of Brazil. Make travel insurance a priority when you are planning your holiday to Brazil. Whether it’s for the World Cup, Carnaval, a wilderness adventure or a beach trip, travel insurance is essential. Choose an international travel insurance plan from Cover-More Australia and take a week to dive into the rhythm and harmony that infuses every part of life in Brazil.

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution while travelling in Brazil and always be sure to check Smarttraveller’s website for the most up-to-date precautions and travel advice.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Mike Vondran