Shipwreck Cover, Prince Edward Island, Canada


Prince Edward Island is a peaceful, slow-paced haven full of maritime delights and historical features. Visitors will immediately notice the charm and relaxed atmosphere of this picturesque destination. The green landscapes are dotted with old-world farmhouses and neighbourhoods resting alongside seaside villages and serene beaches. Prince Edward Island is the perfect location for a peaceful and private getaway to relax, whether you are traveling solo and looking to relieve stress or just hoping for a laid-back, easy-gong family holiday. Either way, take a breath and enjoy the outdoors at this Canadian destination.

Head to the beach

Prince Edward Island has 11000 km of shoreline, much of which is in the form of pristine beaches. Often the first place visitors head when they arrive, the beaches that line Prince Edward Island are the ideal place to enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday. The soft, warm sand and soothing waves are surrounded by Prince Edward Island’s well-known red sandstone cliffs. As the red sandstone of the cliffs has eroded over time, it has dyed the shore a rustic red as well. While you can find a pristine beach almost anywhere in the world, nothing compares to enjoying the warm sun in the midst of vibrant red sand. Whether you’re looking for a low-key holiday with your kids or a romantic getaway with your significant other, the beaches of Prince Edward Island are ideal.

Take a walk around Port-la-Joye Fort Amherst

This location is the Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada and was designated in remembrance of the first permanent European settlement on Prince Edward Island. Port-la-Joye Fort Amherst was established by the French in 1720, and the ruins of the original fort are still present and available for tourists to explore. The destination is dotted with monuments and memorials that detail the rich history of this fort. Take a quiet walk through the historical site for a glimpse into Canada’s discovery while you enjoy the superb views of the surrounding countryside and Charlottetown Harbour.

Check out Cavendish Grove

Cavendish Grove is a part of Prince Edward Island National Park and is the ultimate way to enjoy a tranquil day outdoors. Named after the large stand of sugar maple trees located here, Cavendish Grove is a very special natural site because sugar maples are extremely rare on Prince Edward Island. The extensive trail network at Cavendish Grove is nearly 12 km long and perfect for hiking or cycling. The widespread trails offer amazing views of the beaches, dunes, ponds and salt marshes located throughout the park.

Spend a day at the Gulf of Saint Lawrence

Along the north shore is the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, one of the most peaceful, quiet and serene locations on Prince Edward Island. This gulf is the world’s oldest estuary and serves as an outlet for the North American Great Lakes into the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence River. This gulf is not only a natural beauty but is historically significant to Prince Edward Island. It is an important site for Canadian fishers, and its’ waters have been used for transportation for years. The Gulf of Saint Lawrence is perfect for a relaxing getaway as guests can enjoy walks along the shore while listening to the variety of birds and other wildlife. This location offers supreme views of the sunset, and nothing is more incredible than seeing whales migrating through the waters.

Get a taste of fresh Lobster

Nothing completes a relaxing holiday like leaving with a full stomach. Prince Edward Island is well-known for their freshly caught lobster. There are two lobster seasons in Prince Edward Island, the first runs from May until the end of the June and the second is from August until October. In fact, this seaside getaway is famous for their annual lobster suppers consisting of fresh rolls, succulent seafood, local vegetables and infamous Prince Edward Island potato salad. One of the best restaurants on the island to treat yourself to a Lobster supper is the Fisherman’s Wharf. Their fresh lobster is accompanied by all-you-can-eat mussels, homemade chowder, and fresh rolls and biscuits with a view of the beautiful Rustico Bay and the fishing wharf whilst you eat.

No matter if you are travelling to Prince Edward Island for a quick weekend or a week-long trip, this seaside getaway is the perfect destination for a relaxing, peaceful and stress-free holiday. While the atmosphere of Prince Edward Island is serene and soothing, travelling can often be stressful for many reasons, whether flight delays or lost luggage. Unwind and enjoy your Prince Edward Island getaway with the comfort of having travel insurance cover.

Image courtesy of Brian Uhreen;cropped from original