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Whether you’re a first-time traveller or a veteran globetrotter, one thing is going to always come up – cash flow. So here’s a few tips to stretch budget and make your money last longer while travelling.

Earl from his travel blog,, recently wrote an article about this, although his blog is talks about long-term travel, his principles in the post, can be applied for short-term travel as well.

Here are some of his tips for saving money whilst on travel:

  • Staying with Friends
  • Be flexible with dates and destinations
  • Minimise your expenditure at home – i.e. mobile phone monthly payments, car loans, bills etc
  • Slow travel to take advantage of local rates – if it costs the same amount of money to stay at a travel hotel for 14 days  than it is to rent an apartment for a month, wouldn’t you stay longer?
  • Embrace technology – Using VIOP services like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp can help you reduce costs. But if you can’t go without your phone and need a cheaper overseas roaming alternative, services like our Global SIM can be a great solution to save money on the run

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Source: Wandering Earl

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