Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, one thing is certain: your workout routine will be thrown off. If you go to a gym, you may not have access to your normal equipment. If you run, you won't have a familiar path to take. If you usually eat well and sleep soundly, it will be harder to do so in a place with different food and a strange bed.

Thankfully, there are some ways to help deal with this change to your regular schedule and alternative workouts you can do almost anywhere to stay on track with your workout goals.

Exercise at the Same Time

Even if it isn't the same kind of exercise, for as long or even at the same intensity, try to work out at the same time as your normal routine. This will help you get off the couch and into a gym easier since it's the time you already exercise when you are home. Keeping the time consistent will also reinforce your schedule for when you return.

Create a No-Equipment Workout

It doesn't take a ton of equipment to exercise, and provided you aren't staying in a tiny hotel room, you probably have everything you need for a productive workout in your room. Room too small to accomplish much? Explore the city and find a park or playground with pull-up bars or a solid tree trunk for pull-ups and strength training exercises using only your body weight.

Don't feel like making your own workout? Count on Sworkit, an app that compiles a list of exercises you can do without specific gear. It also lets you pick out how long you want to work out, so no matter how much time you have available, there is no excuse not to knock out an exercise session.

Take Advantage of Free or Cheap Local Services

If you need a gym to work out, make sure you book a hotel that includes an exercise room. Or you can walk the city to find local gyms where you can usually take advantage of a few free trial days. 

If you practice yoga, there are sure to be at least one or two studios nearby that would welcome an out-of-towner, perhaps even at a discounted rate. Want to run, but don't know your surroundings? Try MapMyRun to track where you are and explore a new city while you fit in your workout.

Want to bike, but don't have the ability to bring your wheels with you? Check and see if the city you are staying in has a bike share program. The bikes are there to help people get from point A to B more quickly, but there's no reason you couldn't use them for a bit of exercise.

Return to Your Routine When You Get Home

After a trip away from home it can be tempting to sit on your couch and avoid the gym for the first couple days to relax, and recover from your holiday. Resist the urge, and continue to work out as you did before leaving.

Keep in mind that if you've been gone for longer than a week, you may not be able to perform at the same level as normal. Cut your workout in half for the first few days to allow your body and mind to readjust and catch up. A realistic understanding of your health and fitness allows you to stay in tune with your body and to make sure you won't push too hard once you are back.

Push yourself to stay in shape while travelling and you will thank yourself when you return and haven't taken any steps backwards in your training goals. Plan ahead and choose travel health insurance from Cover-More Australia for your next holiday or business trip and focus on your workout, not on worry.

Image courtesy of puuikibeach