Travelling alone can be a very liberating and exciting experience—but not all solo trips are created equal. You should be on the lookout for a destination that is safe for travellers, friendly and happy. Once you find a place that appeals to you, check out their activities and match your hobbies to the country of your choice and go! Find the stress melting from your shoulders as you indulge in a little "me-time". Whether you choose the tourist-heavy attractions of Ireland or the peaceful beaches of Costa Rica, solo travel to these destinations will let you fully immerse yourself in their culture. If you find yourself starting to plan your next holiday, get inspired by the top 5 list best countries to visit while travelling solo.


Costa Rica

Costa Rice boasts some of the highest national rankings for safety and happiness from around the world and it is a country ripe for peaceful relaxation or exhilarating adventure, no matter which activity you prefer. There are numerous beaches which dot the country's shore that help redefine the meaning of peaceful. Whether it's rafting the Reventazon River, catching a wave in Malpais or exploring the volcano and geysers at Rincon de la Viejas National Park, Costa Rica is a good choice for solo travellers.


Sweden may be on the pricier end of the countries on this list, but it is a superb spot for solo travellers to visit in Europe. The historically rich country is clean, safe and easy to navigate. On top of that, there is thrumming city life full of attractions that don't require a partner to enjoy. For example, you can climb the City Hall Tower in Stockholm to find a sweeping panoramic of the gorgeous city or jump on a boat tour to take in the Stockholm city sights by water.


Amsterdam, in the Netherlands is another European destination for the solo traveller. Its open organization and endless museums make it easy to explore on your own. The city has public bike stations everywhere that make transportation to and from simple, and as you peddle around the small city, you will find coffee shops tucked into little nooks and crannies that call to you to unwind and people watch.


Ireland is known for its dramatic coastal cliffs and rolling green hills. But beyond the picturesque landscape is a rambunctious country full of rich history and rural charm. You can explore those rolling green hills along the entire Irish countryside, or if you prefer the attractions of the city you can enjoy the pub culture of its capital city, Dublin. Plus there are enough historic castles and churches through all of Ireland to satisfy anyone who has an interest in the country's history.

Take advantage of your solo vacation and head to any one of these countries where safety and happiness are of paramount importance. Whether your aim is relaxation or exhilaration, solo travel offers it all. Get in touch with a new culture, and learn about yourself while you learn about your destination. Cover your solo travel and protect what's important to you with an international travel insurance plan from Cover-More Australia.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Moyan Brenn; cropped from original.