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Travel Insurance for Europe and the UK

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What you should know about travel insurance for Europe and the United Kingdom

If you are travelling to Europe or the United Kingdom, consider protecting your trip with Cover-More. From snow-capped mountains in the Alps to glorious beaches in the Mediterranean, Europe is a destination with something for everyone. Why not embark on the European trip of a lifetime?

We want you to come home with incredible memories, not with unexpected expenses from when things haven’t gone to plan. Unforeseen costs can quickly add up while overseas. Our customer Steve slipped on black ice in London, causing irreparable damage to his hip. Steve required a full hip replacement and business class flights home once ‘fit to fly’. His claim with Cover-More was over $20,000 but luckily we were there to take care of it so Steve could focus on recovering.

“Cover-More was so helpful from the time of Steve’s accident right through to when we arrived home. They were just so calm and in control throughout the whole process, which was a huge comfort to us.” – Kathryn, wife of our customer Steve.

Consider protecting your holiday with Cover-More so you can travel with peace of mind. Get a free quote online or call our helpful sales team on 1300 72 88 22 to chat through our coverage options.

Browse through our helpful guide to Europe and the UK to find out information you need to know! From what power adapters to bring to the scams to watch out for, it's always best to be prepared.

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  6. Terrorism cover in Europe
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  8. Europe travel tips

Are you a frequent traveller?

If you travel regularly each year to Europe or others parts of the world, you may wish to consider our Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) Plan. This can be an ideal choice for travellers who have multiple holidays planned over a 12 month period. Getting annual cover can save time and money so you can focus on the fun stuff – like planning your next adventure!

See how affordable it is to protect your travels to Europe and the United Kingdom. It only takes a few moments to get a free quote online. Or call us on 1300 72 88 22 and we can assist.

Policy benefits for you to enjoy

Protecting your European trip should be an important part of planning your holiday. That’s where we come in! Our team can help you find the coverage you need. Choose from our Premium International Policy or our Medical Only Plan and travel with peace of mind.

Premium international cover

This is our comprehensive travel insurance policy. It can protect you from more than just unforeseen medical and dental expenses while in Europe. Our Premium option can offer cover for travel delays, lost luggage, rental car excess cover, special events and many more!

International Medical Only travel insurance

Our International Medical Only Policy may be the way to go if you have a strict budget. It is a back-to-basics type plan that doesn’t include any fancy extras. An International Medical Only Plan can protect you from personal liability and unforeseen medical expenses you may incur while in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Compare our travel insurance plans and benefit levels for Europe

International Premium
(Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip)
International Medical Only
(Single Trip)
Overseas medical and dental* $Unlimited~# $Unlimited~#
Additional expenses* $Unlimited# $Unlimited#
Amendments or cancellation costs* $You choose^ -
Luggage and travel documents* $15,000 -
Delayed luggage allowance* $750+ -
Money $250 -
Rental car insurance excess $6,000∞ -
Travel delay* $2,000 -
Resumption of journey $3,000 -
Special events $5,000 -
Hospital incidentals* $6,000 -
Hijacking* $5,000 -
Loss of income $10,400# (up to $1,733.33 per month) -
Disability $25,000# -
Accidental death $25,000# -
Personal liability $2,500,000 $2,500,000
Medical and dental expenses - -

~Medical and dental cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness, condition or injury.
∞Additional cover available.
^Cover chosen applies per policy.
+Delayed luggage allowance only applies if you have not received your luggage after 24 hours. Refer to the combined FSG/PDS for full details.
*Sub-limits apply. Please refer to the policy wording in the combined FSG/PDS.
†Maximum liability collectively for Loss of income, Disability and Accidental Death is $20,000 on the International Plan.
#Reduced limits may apply for customers 70 years of age or over at the Relevant Time. Limits will be shown on the Certificate of Insurance.

For full details of terms and conditions, limits, sub-limits and exclusions that apply, please read the Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing our travel insurance product.

Europe cruise cover

Are you ready to hop aboard a cruise and see some of the most scenic cities in the world? Taking a cruise holiday can be a hassle-free way to explore multiple destinations. You’ll get to immerse yourself in the culture, see stunning sights and learn about history via Europe’s waterways. If you are cruising during all or part of your Europe trip, adding Cruise Cover to your policy is necessary. An additional premium will apply. Our optional Cruise Cover can protect you from unexpected onboard medical costs and emergency evacuations.

Be sure to read our PDS to understand what you are and are not covered for. You can get a free quote for your European cruise adventure on our website. 

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Skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling in Europe

For the snow sports enthusiasts, you can add on cover to protect you when participating in a range of winter sports. Whether it’s skiing down beautifully powdered slopes or performing epic snowboarding tricks, you can‘t guarantee an injury-free trip. Our goal is to keep you safe, so we urge you to take reasonable care.

Claims involving participation by you (during the journey) in snow skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling are specifically excluded from our Direct Policy. If you wish to be covered for these activities during your journey, you must pay an extra premium to add our optional Winter Sports Cover to your policy. You can get a quote online or call Cover-More on 1300 72 88 22. Once included in your policy, our Winter Sports Cover only covers you if:

  • You are skiing or snowboarding on-piste;
  • You are not racing; and
  • You are not participating in a professional capacity.

Cover for riding a moped or motorcycle

If you are keen on zipping through the bustling streets of Rome or riding through the Greek Islands, you may be interested in Cover-More’s motorcycle and moped cover. This additional protection can be added to your travel insurance for an extra premium. You can get a free quote online or call Cover-More on 1300 72 88 22.

Even if you pay the additional cost, you will only be covered if:

  • whilst in control of a motorcycle or moped you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence or Australian motor vehicle driver’s licence, and you hold a licence valid in the relevant country;
  • whilst you are a pillion passenger the driver holds a licence valid in the relevant country;
  • the engine capacity is 200cc or less;
  • You are wearing a helmet;
  • You are not participating in a professional capacity; and
  • You are not racing.

Note: No cover will apply under Section 16 Personal Liability. This means you are responsible to pay costs associated with damage to the motorcycle, moped or property or injury to another person.

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Terrorism cover in Europe

The world is a big and wonderful place, but unfortunately, terrorist attacks occur. There have been a number of terrorist attacks in Europe within recent years. We can provide cover for emergency medical expenses and additional expenses if you are a victim of a terrorist attack. It is important to read and understand our PDS before deciding on our travel insurance.

What do I do in an emergency?

If you require immediate medical attention or have been a victim of crime, please contact the local emergency services. The European emergency number to dial is 112 or call 999 if you are in the United Kingdom.

You can contact our Emergency Assistance team for support on +612 8907 5619. We always hope nothing goes wrong on your trip, but we can be there for you if it does. As a Cover-More policyholder, you will have access to 24/7 emergency assistance. Our customer Lindsay contracted pneumonia while on a European trip with his family. His claim with us was over $5,000 but he wasn’t left out of pocket thanks to his Cover-More travel insurance.

“I rang Cover-More very stressed and upset and everything was sorted out straight away.” – Carole, wife of our customer Lindsay.

Travel with peace of mind when you have quality travel insurance. Get a quote online to see how affordable protection for Europe and the United Kingdom can be.

Europe travel tips

There is so much to see and do in Europe and the United Kingdom that it can be hard figuring out where to start! To help you out, we have put together some helpful travel tips that you should know if you have a trip coming up. Find out more.

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