Photo of boat on Indonesian beach


Indonesia boasts some of the best beaches in the world, so we decided to pull together some reviews on the various beaches to help you plan your holiday in the archipelago.

October and November are some of the most popular times to visit Indonesia. During this time, exotic curisines and cultures come together under the warm summer sun (the temperature averages 26o during these months). This creates an atmosphere that caters to both the party goers, and also to those looking for holiday relaxation. 

Peucang Beach, Banten

According to, Peucang Beach is on the little Island of Peucang, just west of Jakarta. The best thing about the beach is the mini forest—meet deer and other island wildlife as you wander through. This beach is quite hard to reach compared with more popular beaches around Indonesia (such as Kuta Beach), but this only adds to Peucang's exclusivity. The grounds have few tourists and relatively untouched scenery.

Where is Peucang Beach?

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Pulau Derawan, Mainland Indonesia

Listed as one of the top 100 beaches in the world by CNN Travel, Pulau Derawan is a tiny island that gives tourists the opportunity to dive in the sea and observe sea turtles cruising through the pristine sandy beaches.

Where is Pulau Derawan?

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Canggu Beach, Bali

Also listed in the top 100 beaches from CNN, Canggu Beach is a popular spot for surfers (along with Echo Beach and Batu Bolong). If you’re into surfing with a side of wining, dining and kicking back to watching the sunset, then Canggu Beach is one place you will definitely want to visit.

Where is Canggu Beach?

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Nihiwatu Beach, Pulau Sumba

If you’re still craving for the surf, then Nihiwatu Beach on Pulau Sumba, (not far from Canggu) is another excellent spot to ride the breaks, take in the sunset and interact with the friendly locals.

Check out the nearly 200 reviewers who have rated Nihiwatu as 'excellent' on Trip Advisor.

Where is Nihiwatu Beach?

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Exaudi Ebennezer; cropped from original