Photo of a Philippines beach at sunset


With over 7,000 beautiful islands in the Philippine Archipelago, it can be hard to decide which might be the best to visit for premium relaxation.

The Best Islands to Visit

Boracay, Aklan

Dubbed the archipelago's "party island," this beautiful, 4-km stretch of 12 beaches features the popular White Beach and Bulabog. In the early months of the year, you can find many people kiteboarding and windsurfing. For the more adventurous traveller, this is a good opportunity to hop on and try something new…after checking your travel insurance policy for allowances first, of course.

El Nido, Palawan

Dubbed "The Last Frontier," El Nido is considered a jungle beach town because even though the pearly white sands and crystal clear waters are certainly a major talking point, it's the gorgeous views that sell it. El Nido is the gateway to the wild surrounded by its majestic limestone formations, marble cliffs and sprawling turquoise waters. A perfect event would be an island-hopping boat tour.

Panglao Island & Pamilacan Island, Bohol

Along with its gorgeous beaches, awesome waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes, on Bohol you can find delicious food and a diverse range of aquatic attractions and exciting adventures. You can enjoy kayaking, flying fox, hiking, as well as, dolphin watching, whale spotting, and diving with barracudas. There are two major attractions of the island: Chocolate Hills and the tarsier. There are over 1,000 of these world-famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol with grass that turns a rich chocolate brown in the dry season. The tarsier is the world's smallest monkey, but its camera-shy persona means you will need to a little luck when heading out on an adventure to get a sight of one.

Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte

This island is dubbed, "the island that has it all." You'll find lush green plains, enchanting mountains, and beautiful cerulean seas. The gorgeous Hagimit Falls will make for beautiful pictures to show off back home and the Talikud Island's Coral Garden Marine Park will make for an exciting underwater exploration. If seeing the island's wildlife sounds more like an adventure, head over to the Monfort Bat Sanctuary and view the 2 million fruit bats that call it home.


This is the island full of secrets, the island with all the most exciting places that only the locals fully know about. The island's best beach is a sandbar that only appears during low tide. The island also features an underwater cemetery, church ruins, hot & cold springs, waterfalls and remnants of ancient volcanoes. When you're ready for a bite to eat, make sure you try the popular cream-filled Pastel buns and sweet lanzones.

Play, relax, learn and explore in the Philippines. Graced by beautiful beaches, year-round good weather and plenty of opportunities for diving and island-hopping, the Philippines is the perfect holiday destination for solo travellers, families, couples and more. There's far more than just the beaches to discover in this culturally rich country, but that's up to you to uncover. Book your tickets, buy travel insurance, then plan, pack and get going to the island of your choice in the Philippines.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Official U.S. Navy Page