According to recent reports, the Indonesian government has just listed golf as part of their "special interest tourism" to attract foreign tourism to the archipelago.


With over 140 golf courses throughout Indonesia, 51 of them meeting international standards, with a number of world famous course designers including Greg Norman, Graham Marsh and Jack Nicklaus, the government has planned to upgrade a number of their courses and participate in golf trade shows.


The plan to increase tourism to the country has meant that various hotels are now partnering up with the country's best golf clubs to offer tailored packages to cater to growing niche market.


As over 900,000 Australians travel to Indonesia between 2012-2013 financial year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The next time you think of Indonesia being all about sand and beach parties, you might want to put down golfing as another reason to travel and pack those golf clubs.


Source: The Jakarta Post


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