Locals at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka 


Surf ‘n’ Turf isn’t just a popular meal that you might enjoy in Arugam Bay. The main draw of Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka is and has been surfing for a long time. In fact, it has been deemed the 5th best place in the world to go surfing. You don’t need a special suit or license to jump in the water, you can just come to Arugam, throw a towel down and get surfing. The beach at Arugam is perfect for beginners and experts alike. After a long day of surfing and swimming and sunning, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Back on dry land, use Cover-More’s guide to local restaurants for good food that will get you back in the water in no time.

Why Not

A tiny, 6-table restaurant, Why Not is right next to the main road. The food here is delicious, the environment is comfortable and relaxing—there’s even a sand floor! If you like spicy food, try ordering their curry and if you’re brave, ask for their “spicy” version. The portions are generous and the service is quick and friendly. If you ever need a quick meal that’s dependable, try Why Not.

Samantha’s Folly

Regardless of what meal you are looking for, Samantha’s Folly delivers the best and most consistently delicious food at all times during the day. They make a concerted effort to choose the best produce and highest quality ingredients. If you are there for breakfast try their float-your-boat dish. It’s half of a papaya with homemade muesli, curd and fresh passion fruit honey. Samantha's is not exceedingly expensive either, and if you are travelling in a small group or solo, the communal seating arrangements are a great way to meet new people.

Upali Beach Surf Cafe

Ideally located, Upali Beach Surf Cafe is just in front of the Main Point surfing spot. It’s the most convenient place to snag a quick snack to cool down in between surf lessons. Hammocks are available for lounging, and their grills are on most days. Try the burger and fries for a taste of the familiar. The staff here is also quite friendly and you’ll likely run into most of the local surfers chilling at this little hot spot.

Keep these little spots for snacks and meals in mind when you head to Arugam Bay and remember that while it may not be a five-star dining destination, you’re really there for the surfing, the fun and the chance to relax. Cover-More Australia has a number of travel insurance plans to fit every budget and every holiday. Compare them online and get a quote today before you jet set to your surfing paradise in Arugam Bay.

Image courtesy of Flickr user kevin