This week Meg shares with us her ‘National Lampoons’ style family vacation with lots of dramas and even a celebrity sighting!

Photo of hand in a concrete hand mold




In June last year my family (husband and two boys) went off to Europe where there were many magic moments that happened along the way.


We had a ‘National Lampoons’ vacation moment where we went around the Rome roundabout, not once but many times. We also had suitcase dramas. We were dragging around quite a bit of luggage on the many modes of transport we used including plane, car, train and by foot. My boys and I squeezed in what we could without daddy knowing - toy cars, fluffy toys, books and I packed heaps of warm clothing for that unexpected cold weather, which was only for a small part of the journey. Throughout the holiday we had to hear daddy’s complaining about the luggage, but we of course didn’t say much, because he had to carry most of it.


While we were in Cannes on the French Rivera we saw Hollywood hand prints on the ground with some of the Hollywood Stars. I happened to put my hand on Meg Ryan not realising that a couple of days later I would bump into her.


After our stay in France, we headed off to Rome and during our stay there we went to Vatican City. As we were going through parts of the church amongst the many people I spotted Meg Ryan. I told my husband that the blonde lady in front of us was Meg Ryan and he did not believe me (in person, she is much taller and thinner). By the time we finished looking at the amazing church, Meg was standing outside the veranda and we where only a few meters away.


I didn’t want to bother her so I asked my husband to take a photo of me with Meg in the background (which I called a ‘Hollywood Shot’) but there were so many people in the background it was quite hard for my husband to hear me. In the meantime my boys were watching mummy trying to discreetly tell daddy what a ‘Hollywood Shot’ is, while daddy was telling mummy to go up to Meg and ask if I could have a photo with her. After much drama my husband took my “Hollywood Shot” for me.


And there you have my ‘National Lampoons’ style family holiday. There are many more memorable moments but I will leave that for another time.


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