Croatia is a prime source of fun, relaxation, history and adventure. Often overlooked for its more tourist-heavy neighbor to the west, Italy, this spot is a must-visit destination in the Adriatic. Croatia is finally getting the attention it deserves as a tourist showplace and now more than 10 million people holiday here every year. So what drives the crowds to this warm and hospitable nation?

For starters, the country boasts a 1,880 km coastline full of sandy beaches and countless islands that allow any weary traveller the opportunity to put up their feet and unwind. The towns and cities that pepper Croatia’s coastline also offer top-rated accommodations, cozy cafes, lively city-centers and a friendly atmosphere for any who decide to visit for an hour, day, week or longer. The coast also offers up some of the freshest and highest quality seafood available, with five-star restaurants all around to prepare a bountiful, beautiful, exquisite meal no matter where you end up.

But Croatia is more than its coast. There are national parks, vineyards, pine forests and rolling countryside to explore. You can go truffle hunting in the countryside, and explore the highlights of Croatia the guidebooks forgot to mention. Spend the morning sunbathing on the Sea Organ in Zagreb, or an afternoon ambling along the old city walls of Dubrovnik. Take a ‘King’s Landing’ tour through its filming locations in Dubrovnik, and experience the hit show through the eyes of your favourite character. Explore the rich history of Croatia and snap photos of the historical sites and cities as you wind through their streets.

No matter where you go in the colorful, bustling, and enjoyable country of Croatia, you will find yourself at home. Grab your camera, your passport and your “must-see” list, and embrace Croatia for your next holiday and adventure.

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