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From spicy meat pies to sweet vegetable stews, Mendozan cuisine blends the tastes, textures, and traditions of old world Italy and Spain. To ensure you get the full flavour of this tasty city, use Cover-More’s guide to Mendozan dining, a list of ‘must-tries’ throughout the city:


I want to eat … empanadas

Meat pies stuffed with a variety of stews – including ground beef and olives, boiled egg, and veal, Mendozan empanadas differ from traditional recipes because they are baked, not fried. According to several TripAdvisor reviews, the empanada enthusiast in your group should give these a stab:



Street Address: Sarmiento 765

Telephone: +54 261 429 4200

It’s hard to go wrong here. Whether you’re going traditional or exotic, there are rave reviews for everything from chicken empanadas to flan and lavender.

El Palenque Pulperia Centro

Street Address: Aristides Villanueva 287

Telephone: +54 261 429 1814

This old-style grocery store serves wonderful vegetable and carne empanada varieties, and for a fraction of the cost compared to similar area restaurants. Cheap travellers consider El Palenque the key to tasting empanadas on a budget.

Villa Mansa Wine Hotel

Street Address: Roque Saenz Peña 4900

Telephone: +54 261 498 3258

If you’re just looking for a small taste of empanadas, and a large taste of the region’s wines, Villa Mansa is the place to dine. With a full menu of Argentinian dishes, this restaurant and villa strives to provide an authentic flavour.

I want to eat … locro

This creamy and sweet stew of corn, meat, and mixed vegetables is an Argentinian national dish. Foodies looking for a little heat will appreciate the hot sauce, known as quiquirimichi, traditionally served with the dish. According to tourist and local reviews, Mendoza’s top locro locales are as follows:

1810 Cocina Regional


Mendoza 2312/20

Telephone: +54 114 784 0025

While this restaurant ranks high on the list for many traditional Argentinian dishes, locro is a specialty. Prompt and friendly service put it over the top for tourists and locals alike.

Bandidos Rurales

Ruta Provincial 82

Telephone: +54 262 449 0144

The crisp, rural setting of this railway-themed restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for a warm, spicy soup like locro. Bandidos Rurales is an ideal spot for a shady lunch or dinner under the stars.

I want to eat … patitas aliñadas

This Argentinian twist on an old Spanish classic looks and feels like a mature take on potato salad. Complimented by a mixture of hard-boiled egg, tuna and olives, this cool summer dish is a beloved dish by Mendozan tourists. Here are some of the best patitas aliñadas restaurants in the city:

El 23 Gran Bar

Chile 874 esquina Montevideo

Telephone: +54 261 425 1716

While this restaurant isn’t specifically cited for best patitas aliñadas in town, tourists love the tapas taster menu here, which often includes this popular potato dish. Also, not to be missed on your tour to El 23 Gran Bar is the extensive wine selection and adjoining winery.

I want to eat … humita en chala

This corn dish is one of the very few indigenous recipes to survive colonisation. Recipes for these popular corn pudding tamales vary from region to region, including different vegetables and cheeses.

Mendoza Wine Connection


Sarmiento 647

Telephone: +54 261 429 2931

Though this listing screams “tourist”, it is the best place in town to learn how to make your own humita en chala. The winery sometimes offers classes in cooking traditional Argentinean dishes such as this. Beware, though, classes are only offered on special occasion, so make sure to call ahead and inquire.

I want to eat … tortitas raspadas

This food literally translates to “scraped pancakes” – but, we promise, tortitas raspadas are better than they sound! Locals eat these small unleavened cakes for breakfast and snacks served with butter or dulce de leche.

Kato Café & Bar


Av Emilio Civit 556

Telephone: +54 261 425 7000

This trendy coffee house provides perfect pairings for tortitas raspadas. Come by for lunch or tea time to dunk this roll in your favourite hot beverage.

While experiencing the cuisine of a new country may prove exciting, it is important to always exercise caution. At Cover-More, we want to ensure your safety, but we also recognize our own limits. If you have an existing food allergy, we urge you to read the fine print on your policy and always ask about ingredients before consuming anything. Enjoy your meal!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Villa Mansa Wine Hotel