The best app to travel with

I've done a lot of traveling in my 33yrs walking the earth, sometimes for work others for pleasure. As smart phones get better, Internet more accessible and app's growing every minute I've noticed a trend beginning to grow amongst the backpacking community.

Most people I met long my latest 4mth adventure seemed to have an app that they were so proud of they wanted the world to know! I'm not going to lie...I may have got caught up with this trend on many occasions. The more people I met the more apps I found, the more apps I found the more people I'd share them with.

I had apps that housed my flight, credit card and travel insurance details, apps that converted currency, apps that taught me language basics and apps to choose hostels but there was one app that stood out from the rest. One that helped me feel….free. I hear you say… Dan what do you mean free, how can an app make you free?"

Well firstly to give you an insight to why this app was so freeing I have to start with 'Internet'. Internet is expensive while traveling and its best to use it sparingly unless of course you're in a Wi-Fi area or have a Global Sim. But what happens if you're on a bus and you don't know what stop to get off for your hotel? Say your off the beaten road (my favorite) and you realize you have no idea how to get back let alone the name of your hotel? Well now you can do all those options in style and feel relaxed that you can track you very location without a bar of Internet connectivity.

City Maps 2 Go is the app I'm referring to:

  • Everything 100% offline. No data roaming or Wi-Fi required.
  • 6,700 interactive maps for all parts of the world
  • Millions of restaurants, shops, bars, accommodation etc.
  • GPS: find your own location and perform nearby searches
  • Search the map for addresses and places while offline

Simply download your destination map (country/city maps) before you arrive and away you go. Simply put…it changed my trip. Whether I was on a bicycle, scooter, public transport or walking with friends I always felt totally relaxed to explore as far or short as I wanted knowing I had an interactive map safe in my pocket tracking my every step.

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