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There is something about watching the sun dip below the horizon as the skies turn all shades of red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and more. It’s mesmerizing, memorable, inspiring and as it is often said, no two sunsets are ever the same. Whether it’s the colours, clouds, scenery or who you are with, each sunset has something unique about it.

The natural fireworks display is often enjoyed during summer holidays where you watch the enormous sun dip below the waves as the sky’s light slowly fades from view, only to be replaced by stars and the moon. There are sunsets that don’t take place over water and they can be just as magical from within a bustling city, up in the mountains, or in the middle of the desert. Check out this list of the top five sunsets in the world.

Stonehenge – England

Sunset Photo at Stonehenge – England


Stonehenge is known around the world for the ancient sacred site, where flocks of tourists come to gaze on the circle of rocks and try to figure out their purpose. What many people aren’t able to do, is walk amongst the stones and experience the magical atmosphere from within the inner circle while the sun dips below the horizon. Bask in the wonderment and rich history of the place you are visiting, while watching the sky seamlessly shift colours. Check out tours available through Stonehenge Tours for your shot at experiencing this sunset and learning more about the myths, history and stories told about this sacred site.

Serengeti – Tanzania

Sunset Photo at Serengeti – Tanzania


The landscape in the Serengeti is so unique that it instantly stands out of the crowd. With its relatively uncluttered horizon, and larger than life animals scattered among it, the silhouettes of elephants and giraffes make the Serengeti a truly unique experience. Make it a full experience by going on a sunset game drive where you’ll be able to watch the sun colour the sky with reds, oranges and pinks, then fade into darkness. That’s when you’ll take off on the game drive, looking for the shiny eyes of the natural inhabitants of the Serengeti.

Mount Sinai – Egypt

Sunset at Mount Sinai, Egypt


Sunset at Mount Sinai is a glorious experience. You will be met with relative privacy (more religious groups tend to visit the summut of Mount Sinai for sunrise, rather than sunset) and you can watch the explosion of colours spread across and through the majestic mountains and hills that surround you. There is something spiritual about watching the ever-changing light show dance and play off the mountain and desert landscape from the summit of Mount Sinai.

Svalbard – Norway

Sunset Photo at Svalbard – Norway


The uniqueness of Svalbard, Norway comes from the landscape. Here, you will watch a glorious sunset with a glacier wonderland as a backdrop. Something about the colouring in Svalbard creates a muted, blue-toned sunset that is different from the normally bright, neon sunsets from other places in the world. While it may be muted in this respect, nothing else about this sunset is short of spectacular. Snow-crested mountains reach to the skies and cool tones of purples, pinks and blues swirl in the sky as the sun disappears from sight.

Haleakala National Park – Hawaii

Haleakala National Park Hawaii


One of the most memorable experience in Maui is seeing the Haleakala sunset from almost 3,050m above sea level. It will take some planning to get here, but it will absolutely be worth it. Be sure to pack snacks, drinks and sturdy shoes so you can explore the place before the sun sets. Don’t forget about a sweatshirt, pants and jackets as well. It may be Hawaii, but with the elevation, the temperature will drop significantly so you’ll be more comfortable in layers than a cover-up. Then, sit and relax above the clouds as the quiet of dusk slowly but surely transforms into a starry night.

Take a moment to get swept up in the magic of a sunset and its reflective nature. Plan your next holiday to one of these hotspots to see the drama and beauty of these sunsets in person. First, be sure to cover your trip and your investment with international travel insurance from Cover-More Australia.

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