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The Great Cover-More Hide and Seek

You chose the competition and here it is. Discover a little bit more about Cover-More by searching for clues throughout our website and at the same time, have a chance to win $14,630 worth of iTunes credits.

This is how it works...

  • 10 clues will be provided over 10 business days. These clues will help you find important information throughout the Cover-More website.
  • The final clue (along with the previous nine) will then help lead you to a secret 'Entry' page.
  • Find the secret 'Entry' page and enter your details to be in the draw to win.

It's not easy, but it's not too hard... It's fun, but also informative. Work through the clues to work out how to enter. Entries close on 07/03/2016 at 23:59pm AEDST.

Click here for the full Terms & Conditions and then read the clues below.

OK, CLUE NUMBER 1: Scour our website to find a Travel GP, such level of reassurance and comfort is a rarity. This is something we want to shout out loud, an Australian first of which we are very proud… Write down the word after “…can provide you with…” and the first clue is yours!


CLUE NUMBER 2: Find the page that mentions how long Cover-More has been around, and you may be surprised to see the market share we have found. Write down the name our underwriter in Australia, NZ and the UK, and clue number 2 will be found okay...

CLUE NUMBER 3: The easiest way to lodge a claim is via our on claims tool, with a quick response you can return to the pool. Head to our claims section and click on ‘Make a Claim Now’, write down the second word of step 2 describing just how.​


CLUE NUMBER 4: Why buy domestic travel insurance we ask? Find the page that lists some of the reasons why this is not such a crazy task. In the list of benefits write down the word before ‘…car insurance excess’, as this is reason enough for domestic travel insurance success.


CLUE NUMBER 5: its 2016, so be bold and be brave. Let’s do some paragliding, or trip to a cave. A little known fact is how many adventure sports we cover, many you’d share on Insta, but hide from your mother. Find this page and be sure to write down what ‘icy cold’ walking is ok, when on a tour.



CLUE NUMBER 6:  A video testimonial highlights how Cover-More can jump into action, with a Jungle Adventure leading to a medical evacuation.  Watch the video of Anneke’s plight and by the end you’ll have clue 6 just right.  Write down who Anneke thanks when she says “Thank you to ********”, then you will be done…



CLUE NUMBER 7: Reading policies… we know, it’s a bore… But it’s something extremely important & not just a chore. So before you head away on that magic holiday, make sure you know exactly what you are covered for... What is a PDS? It outlines what is and isn't covered… oh we digress. Clue number 7 can be found on this page; the 6th word of paragraph ‘Inbound’ will be all the rage.



CLUE NUMBER 8: A free Global sim, did you know you could get this? One number for many countries, and bill shock you will miss. In step 4 on this page, write down the word after “…add some…” and you are ready to roam. Just more peace of mind, while you are away from your home.


CLUE NUMBER 9: You’re heading to Vietnam and wanting to know more about what’s going on. Search out our blog for the city once known as Saigon. A 2pm trip on little boats will let you know you are on track for this second to last clue, although, we hope you’ll be back. So the Cover-More website is more than meets the eye, read the last few bullet points and know that this clue starts with a Y. This clue is in ‘Things You Should Know’, scratch out words 1, 3 and 4, and you’re ready to go. Now you have number nine, now what to do? Stay tuned for Monday – one more final clue…​



Final clue:  For your chance to win head back to our site. Type in https://www.covermore.com.au but then one more thing to get it just right. Add a forward slash (/) to the end; followed by nine more letters my friend, the first letter of each word from the clues you just found, hit return & you will know you’re homeward bound. If you made it this far, then it’s not just patient you are, you are only one step away, from that final pay day. Good luck if you have made it, all Dr Suessed out we are. We will be drawing the winner soon, keep calm and tadaa.

FINAL DATE TO ENTER: 07/03/2016 23:59 AEDST

WINNER DRAWN: 08/03/2016


Congratulations goes out to our winner Ashleigh M of Queensland! Thank you for being part of such a fun competition.