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Cambodia may be a small country, but it has a lot of important history. During the Khmer era this place was grandiose and even now, as temples and shrines lay in a state of disarray and the country grows and flourishes beyond its history, the kingdom’s old-fashioned charm and sleepy little towns will draw you in; the warmth and hospitality of its people will make you feel instantly at home.

Much like the rest of Southeast Asia, Cambodia's weather is dominated by monsoons, giving it two distinct seasons: wet and dry. 

  • The rainy season usually lasts from mid-May to mid-September, and 
  • The dry season usually runs from early November to March.

The season you plan on visiting, will determine what essentials you need to pack, but here are a few key items you will need regardless. 

Clothing and Accessories for Cambodia 


With all the historical architecture that Cambodia has to offer, you will undoubtedly be walking a ton and can't always rely on the local stores to supply what you're looking for. Think ahead and plan for every possibility with a lightweight. Easy storage and access for all the necessary snacks and toiletries is a must. Cover-More can help you pick out the right backpack for your needs. 

Rain Coat/Poncho

During wet season, the weather is completely unpredictable. One second you will be soaking up the sunlight and the next, drenched from a torrential downpour. Instead of getting stuck in a hotel for your entire holiday, pack a rain coat or poncho. They're light weight, easy to pack and ensure you are always prepared for the rain.  


During the dry season, be sure to pack a pair of comfortable sandals that are broken in and won't leave you with blisters. It is also recommended you pack a pair of closed-in shoes, for entering temples. A pair of sneakers is always a safe option, especially when you will be doing a ton of walking and can rely on them to support your feet. 


Right before the start of the wet season, temperatures can soar up to 38 degreees. Don't let yourself get stuck with a nasty sunburn and ruin your Cambodian photos during the trip. Use this opportunity to check out the local markets, where you will find cheap, wide brim, light weight straw hats, perfect for the weather conditions. 

Dress codes 

Cambodia is a country where modesty is highly valued. Shorts, singlets, skirts or bare chests are not recommended. Although tourism has lowered the standards toward dress codes for visitors, it's always best to be conservative when visiting temples, they are religious buildings and sacred for prayer. 


Finding your regular toiletries in Cambodia is tough to do, particularly if you are used to more luxurious brands. Pack enough toiletries for your entire trip plus some extra since you can’t rely on local stores to carry what you need.

Look out for your skin! 

  • Mosquitos & Malaria are a problem in Cambodia, so be sure to stock up on Bushman's Heavy Duty Deet Mosquito Repellent.
  • SPF30+ Sunscreen is a must. Keep applying throughout the day to keep you protected all day long, since you'll most likely be sweating it off during the day. 


  • Hand wipes & hand sanitiser are a given essential for any overseas trip, especially when travelling to third-world countries that might be  more exposed to different basteria's
  • If your hand sanitiser fails you or you just eat something your stomach doesn't agree with, you will want some Gastro relief. No one wants to be stuck in their hotel room because they accidentally drank some of the tap water, (a big no in third-world countries). Read more about water quality before you travel. 

Extra tips & tools for your trip to Cambodia 

Spare memory cards

Don't be restricted to your cameras limited free space, bring a few spare memory cards to ensure you can snap all your Cambodian adventures, you won't be short of sights to see.  

Be familiar with the language 

English isn't very common in Cambodia, so it will be easier to know some of the everyday phrases, or carry a phrasebook with you. If you don't want to add weight to your backpack, download some of these handy translation apps to help you out. 


Plan ahead to make the most of your time! Don't waste a second in this beautiful country that is full of culture, history and many must-see landscapes. Cover-More has some great information about visiting their famous city Siem Reap, or their coastline in Kep

The famous Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap

The largest religious monument in the world, the Angkor Wat Temple, located in Siem Reap. 

Haven't found what you're looking for? Check out our Overview of Cambodia for more key information before your trip.