Photo of plane in the sky from inside


It’s time to hack your life with travel hacks from Cover-More Travel Insurance. We’ve been around the globe and back again to bring you the smartest travel tips on flying to your travel destination.

Travel hacks for flying

  1. Get discounted fares when booking flights by clearing your cookies, putting your internet into private mode, or pretending your computer is somewhere else. Airlines often try to optimize their sale website to anticipate how much you are willing to pay and get you to max that out. If the website knows you have been shopping on it before, for example, it might suggest a higher fare. Clear your internet information before you travel.
  2. When booking travel it is tempting to find the cheapest flight, but it’s important to understand the hidden costs of budget air travel. Read up on budget airlines and make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.
  3. Know that most flights have a 24-hour window to get a refund, even if they bill themselves as non-refundable. Purchase the ticket now and return within 24 hours if you change your mind without feeling bad.
  4. Check your flight status with ease by just Googling your airline name and flight number.
  5. Save money on water at the airport by saving an empty plastic water bottle and refilling it after passing through security.
  6. Get upgrades by booking an economy ticket with a Y or B booking code. These codes mean the flier is looking for an upgrade, so should there be any open seats in the next class up from what you booked, you should be the one to get a complimentary upgrade. Of course, this works best when the airline recognizes you as a frequent flyer or a loyalty customer.
  7. If you can’t get an upgrade, make economy feel like first class by booking early and optimizing your space with the right sized carry-ons. Bring noise-cancelling headphones and an eye mask for the ultimate in spa-like relaxation.
  8. Volunteer to get bumped off your flight if it is overbooked and you have no pressing plans, often times the airlines will offer you money for your trouble. Just make sure you get cash or that the travel vouchers don’t have tons of stipulations that make them impossible to use.
  9. Bring healthy snacks for long travel times to keep from getting cranky when food doesn’t come exactly when you expect.
  10. Make sure you have a pen before you leave the airport so you can fill out customs forms. Despite the regular occurrence of customs forms on planes, flight attendants rarely carry pens.
  11. Wear a night moisturizer on long flights. Re-circulated air will dehydrate your skin and make you look oilier when you deplane.
  12. Get food faster on the flight by ordering a special meal (like vegetarian or kosher). These usually come out first, giving you more time to sleep.
  13. Sleep well on a plane by getting a pillow, staying out of the exit rows, and avoiding caffeine altogether. Sleeping well on the plane, as well as eating right, are the best ways to avoid jet lag, but it’s also important to stay hydrated, but avoid alcohol, and consider taking a sleep aid en route. Read all of our tips for how to deal with jet lag.
  14. Prevent DVT on long haul flights by drinking plenty of water and regularly getting up to move and understanding the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis.
  15. Make the most of your layover by being prepared. It’s actually possible to squeeze in a workout or eat a gourmet meal if you know where to go. Look into the airport ahead of time and know what it offers, it may be more than you think.
  16. As soon as you land, go directly for baggage claim. It is amazing how many people lollygag around the terminal. Walk with purpose and you are sure to exit the airport much quicker than your co-passengers.

Image courtesy of Flickr user kanegen