Two ladies with the LGBTQ+ flag

LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Guide for International Holidays

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Do you identify as LGBTQ+ or are you travelling abroad with someone who does? Read our expert LGBTQ+ travel safety guide to help you travel with confidence.

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9 Best Places to Visit in the South of France
Lisa Owen

Nice, St Tropez and Cannes are all lovely cities to visit. But to really immerse yourself in the beauty of the south of France - the Cote d'Azur - you should head a little more east!

10 of the Best European Summer Destinations
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Avoid a panic at Paddington or a nightmare at Notting Hill when you follow our guide to using the London Tube. Navigate the Underground like a natural and get the most out of your London holiday.

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7 Tips for Travelling Gluten-Free
Dr Jane Read

Travelling with conditions such as coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity should not stop you from seeing the world and experiencing the fun that comes with travel. Organisation and planning is the key to a successful ‘gluten-free’ trip.

What are the Best Ways to get Around Europe?
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Are you planning a trip to Europe and wondering what’s the best way to get around? There are many options to country hop across the European continent that will suit any budget. Find out which ones will suit you!

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Brighton is well known across Britain as a famously-charming, seaside resort town. Often called 'London by the sea' by visitors, Brighton is a popular escape for UK residents and international travellers alike.

Ultimate Travel Guide: When it's Best to Travel to New Zealand
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Each season has its own pros and cons when visiting New Zealand. This blog will help you decide when to plan your own New Zealand holiday!

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