Few places hold the magic and mystique like the rolling hills and azure blue lakes of New Zealand. In a country larger than the United Kingdom but with only about a sixteenth of the population, there is an abundance of natural life to experience. The beauty of a fiery glowing sun sinking into the horizon or the powdery snow-capped mountains ascending into the sky will not only spark an other-worldly emotional response within your soul, it will also present an opportunity to capture the majestic beauty through photography to share with others.

While New Zealand may be Australia’s neighbour to the south, the cultures, history and cuisine of the two countries are completely separate. If you ever make your way to New Zealand for a holiday, or for business, there’s a laundry list a mile long of amazing attractions to see and try. But, after doing all of those activities, you’re bound to get hungry. So, what are you going to eat while in New Zealand? Luckily the country has a number of delicious meals and snacks for you to try when your stomach starts growling. Traditionally, New Zealand cuisine has a mix of native Maori and European influences and when you head to larger cities like Wellington and Auckland, you’ll find a bigger Asian influence in the dishes. Satiate your stomach with Cover-More’s guide to food from New Zealand.

This “City of Sails” is much more than water sports. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and offers attractions for everyone, from adventure sports to wine tasting. Read on for the must-dos (and must-not-dos) of Auckland – the cultural capital of New Zealand.

Vacation is a time to rest and relax, but at Cover-More we know from experience how dangerous new countries can be. From pickpockets to pyramid schemes, we want you to stay safe and aware. Learn about the common scams for visitors and locals in New Zealand and you’ll be better off protecting yourself and your holiday from an unfortunate run-in with one of these scam artists. If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, here are the three scams you should be vigilant about:

Adventure sports are the name of the game in New Zealand and more times than not you’ll be speeding around the islands to catch the next thrill, top the next peak and try the newest activity. Sometimes though, the best way to see a country is by driving through it. Campervans are always a popular choice in Australia for road trips, but they’re also a great way to see New Zealand in between your adventures. You’ll navigate the roads, and see the stunning landscapes first-hand and at your own pace. Here’s a sample itinerary for a campervan holiday on the north and south island, along with a few of the best places to rent a campervan on each island.

When you sit down to a meal in Auckland, you’re in for a treat. Whether you are looking for small, cosy and intimate restaurants or loud, rowdy and casual pubs and bars, Auckland has the perfect spot to try. Perhaps best known for its Asian inspired cuisine, the choices are endless. So, if you’re wandering around Auckland and your stomach starts growling, head to one of these hot spots for a taste of something delicious.

Lush greenery rubs shoulders with the urban dwellings of downtown Auckland, all of which overlooks the turquoise bays. Auckland has consistently placed in the Top 5 on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey and often wins awards as a top travel destination. This will no doubt be the best place to take a break from reality and calm your mind from the stresses of everyday responsibilities. Read our list of the top ways to relax when visiting Auckland, New Zealand.

The largest city on the south island, Christchurch was famously rocked by earthquakes between 2010 and 2012. Two years later, the city is rebuilding and re-establishing itself as a tourist hub. If you’re thinking of visiting New Zealand, Christchurch is a must.

One of the hardest parts about travelling abroad, even if it’s just to the next island over, is figuring out public transportation. Routes and numbers are always changing and it can be hard to know which way is north, let alone the combination of public transport you need to take to get to your final destination. Daunting doesn’t even begin to describe it. 

With jaw-dropping scenery, you are likely to feel as though you have been transported into a fairy-tale when you visit New Zealand. This country boast a larger square kilometer size than the United Kingdom, but only one-fourteenth of the population, which means there is much wilderness to explore. Not only does New Zealand host some of the best tramping, or hiking, trails in the world, but there also several species of wildlife that can only be found here. You won’t want to miss the chance to see some of these animals when exploring Christchurch and surrounding areas.