The Hidden Gem of the Grand Canyon: Horseshoe Bend

Jess Valentine

After it being near the top of our USA bucket list for years, we finally got to experience how grand the Grand Canyon really is. After our visit many people asked us, “Which rim of the Grand Canyon is best?”

Formerly known (and often still referred to) as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is a thriving metropolis and Vietnam’s centre of commerce. This fast-paced city is always alive with the swarm and sounds of motorbikes zooming along tree-lined avenues. With the influx of foreign investments a fine-living vibe has descended on the city and can be seen in the number of fine restaurants, glitzy bars, and luxury shops that have sprung up in recent years. With the plentiful choices for modern day fun you will never be without a distraction or experience while visiting Vietnam. Use our guide to Ho Chi Minh City to ensure your visit is sparkling and memorable.

By Dan Moore

So, you’ve settled on a river cruise for your next holiday. But, you’ve never cruised along a river before…how do you figure out which trip is right for you and your travel companions? Learn a little more about the top River cruise options available and decide from there. With scenic outlooks, relaxing pace, famous landmarks and more along the routes, it’s hard to go wrong with a river cruise. Here’s a list of some of the best river cruises in the world, where you can learn a little more about the destination and what you can expect to see along the way.

DVT, or Deep Vein Thrombosis has been a hot topic through the media over the last decade with various reports from passengers of long haul flights developing DVT. This article will give you some quick tips to do during your long flights to help prevent DVT.

Phoebe Lee

I knew New Zealand was beautiful, which is why I was really excited to spend some time there recently. I expected to fall in love with Queenstown and never want to leave, so I was really surprised when it was somewhere else that completely captured my heart.

In a country with such varied experiences as kite-surfing across bright blue waters to hiking steep and sometimes rocky evergreen hills, any photographer visiting Vietnam is sure to find hidden gems and obvious wonders to take pictures of. Whether your focus is on natural beauty, historical beauty or on capturing the portraits and lives of the people that live in Vietnam, the potential incredible photography is everywhere in Vietnam.

Vietnamese food is oddly diverse as its many influences have arrived over the course of many centuries from multiple different regions. Neighbouring countries have had the biggest impact, and yet there are still flavours and traditions from almost every part of the world that have found their way into Vietnamese culture. Both the preparation and actual eating of meals is a serious business in this country, and the staple dishes of the country are recipes that have been handed down through generations. Get to know the staple dishes of Vietnam, and you’ll never be without a dish to try in a restaurant.

Festivals and holidays in your own country are always welcome as a way to let loose and enjoy time with family and friends—so imagine how fun it would be if you got to enjoy the celebrations of another country in a new place. You’ll get to see a side of the people and culture that isn’t on display every day, and you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. Vietnam tends to follow the Chinese lunar calendar for their festivals as the country’s history as a Chinese vassal state still has a bearing today. Some of their festivals are celebrated on a national-level and others are celebrated by province and cities, but regardless of the celebration you experience, it is sure to impress and delight.

When you are packing for a trip abroad, you think about the clothes, shoes, accessories, and gear you may need for every situation in which you will find yourself. For Vietnam that means layers, strong walking shoes, a money belt and any other creature comforts to make sure you feel prepared and can enjoy your holiday fully.

The other-worldly beauty that is Vietnam is something you have to see to believe. From the ancient ruins of Ho Chi Minh to the natural beauty of Halong Bay, experience the vibrant culture that has endured years of war and political upheaval to become what it is today.

For a long time, Kyoto was the cultural centre of Japan, and as the culture of the city developed, so did it its culinary style. Instead of including plenty of fresh fish in their dishes like other Japanese cuisine, Kyoto cuisine tends to focus on using ingredients that are readily available locally. In general, the natural flavours of the ingredients are very important to Kyoto cuisine, and extra seasonings are kept to a minimum. Restaurants in Kyoto offer diners a rich culinary experience that is steeped in history with touches of modern practices and ingredients. If you are looking to enjoy traditional dishes from Kyoto, use our guide to figure out the first stop (and second, and third…) on your culinary adventure.