The Hidden Gem of the Grand Canyon: Horseshoe Bend

Jess Valentine

After it being near the top of our USA bucket list for years, we finally got to experience how grand the Grand Canyon really is. After our visit many people asked us, “Which rim of the Grand Canyon is best?”

The Mid-Western states are often overlooked as a holiday destination and are even sometimes called the “flyover states” because they may not top people’s must-see destinations in the United States, but that’s a mistake that needs to be fixed.

Many of the Midwest states in the United States are considered “fly over states” – but that’s not all they are! The middle of America is more than just the stuff between New York to Los Angeles. These states have tons of fun activities and amazingly unique foods that really capture a taste of America.

When you travel to the Midwest in the United States of America, there's one thing you cannot escape: the landscapes. Everywhere you look, wide, open land fills your vision and refuses to quit. The national parks found in the Midwest follow this pattern of stunning natural beauty and are paired with a long history that's intimately tied to the fabric of American culture.


From the geyser areas in Yellowstone National Park to the rugged and sharp Grand Teton mountain range, every visitor will find their happy place. This part of the country is home to an abundance of wildlife, and when you visit any of these parks you'll be immersed in a part of the rich natural beauty and cultural heritage of America.

When packing for a Midwest getaway, layering is the name of the game. In the middle of America, temperatures not only vary between seasons, but also between days. Use our guide below for the must-pack items for any season in the Midwest.

If you are looking for great pizza, cold beer, and friendly faces, Chicago is where you’ll find them. Chicago has so much to offer in each neighborhood, properly exploring the city would take a lifetime. If you are only here for a short while, though, see our list of travel highlights below.

Down south, the weather is generally warmer year-round and the landscapes tend to be more barren than dense with forests and undergrowth. The desert-like landscape stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the United States and presents a whole new set of pictures to take.  The cities themselves have a charm and quaintness that you won’t find elsewhere in the U.S.

In America, the Deep South means comfort food. If it’s deep fried and covered in grits, its fair game. If you want to indulge in the creole flavours of this region, follow our state-by-state guide to the best eats.

If you have ever seen shows about New Orleans or read anything about the culture and lifestyle of N’Orleans, you’ll know it’s a great spot to revel. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, or just rejoicing life and looking for an escape from the day-to-day ritual, New Orleans has the vibe, the energy and the people to bring any party to life. Festivals in New Orleans range from the extravagant and crowded (think Mardi Gras) to the quiet and soulful (think a jazz festival).

Eco-tourism is a consistently growing part of the travel industry. This makes sense, since everything we do whilst travelling has an impact on the Earth. The foods you eat, the transportation you choose to take and even the items we purchase to take home all make a difference in the world. The idea of "reduce, reuse, recycle" is still relevant today, and especially in respect to environmentally-conscious travelling. If you would like to incorporate eco-friendly actions in your next holiday and reduce your carbon footprint, use these tips and ideas to guide you on your way.

Rich with history and social graces, the Southern part of the United States could be viewed as an entirely different world within the country. Noted for its charm and slower-paced, relaxed-speaking culture, you're sure to find adventures you've never experienced before.