Jake Rich

Imagine Jackie Chan starring in an Asian sequel to the Hangover. Take away the high consumption of alcohol and add in a couple more weird and wacky experiences and you’ve got yourself 24 hours in Ho Chi Minh City, a.k.a Saigon. Here’s a recap of how I maximised a short amount of time in one of Asia’s most up and coming cities.

Phoebe Lee

Taking a break at a beachside resort is a wonderful thing. You can lose days swimming, laying on the beach and doing your best to destroy the breakfast buffet. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to escape the monotony of your typical resort packed with tourists. In search of a different experience, we found ourselves falling in love with a breathtaking island in Indonesia that was unlike anywhere we’d been before.

Phoebe Lee

When I was studying history at school I was always fascinated by China. Something about the country intrigued me, from the architecture and deep-seeded traditions to the food, artwork and culture. I finally got the chance to visit China this year, a place that may be on many people's travel bucket list, but tends to stay a little further down than it should.

Indonesia boasts some of the best beaches in the world, so we decided to pull together some reviews on the various beaches to help you plan your holiday in the archipelago.


When Brendan decided he would get out of the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur he found that the Batu caves to be just the sanctuary of peace and quiet he was after.My partner and I recently travelled throughout Malaysia and Singapore for a number of weeks. Besides undertaking the usual tourist activities such as the Petronas Towers, market shopping, Universal studios and Marina Bay Sands, we decided that we needed to take part in a cultural activity and that we would attend the Batu Caves on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Richard and his family headed to Bali earlier this year to enjoy a sun filled family holiday. Staying a week in Seminyak and a week at Nusa Dua Club Med, Richard recounts the best part of the holiday as the people of Bali.

When Ryan immersed himself within the Indian culture he had many amazing and life changing experiences. This week Ryan has a chat to a 'prophet' which was definitely one of the more amusing ones.

This week we have the pleasure of having a guest blog from Caz and Craig from Travel Blog. Caz and Craig Makepeace love to use their expertise to help people travel more and create better memories.

Dan Moore

If you've already visited China and seen the Great Wall, Shanghai and the Forbidden City, you're probably looking for something a bit more obscure for your next trip.You can take your travel to China to the next level by visiting the South China Karst region, in Yunnan Province, which is home to a unique geological site that seems like something out of a storybook

Dan Moore

Indonesians call satay sauce sambal kacang which literally means peanut sauce. Although peanuts are relatively new, their popularity has skyrocketed and this peanut sauce recipe has become a standard inclusion in Indonesian cuisine, most frequently being paired with chicken satay. Roasted and chopped into dishes with wonderfully flavorful ingredients like tamarind, lemongrass, chilis and sweet soy, peanuts add a delicate balance to the strong ingredients without taking the spotlight away from them. The recipe below should yield 3 cups of peanut sauce and includes many of the traditional spices that can be found in Bali and throughout Indonesia.