Vanuatu For First Timers

Scott Pass

The islands of Vanuatu are an untouched utopia of pristine beaches and electric blue lagoons. Here are our top places to visit while you're on the islands.

It’s always recommended that you exercise a certain degree of caution when travelling to a new country for the first time. But then there are some laws that you’re probably not going to be prepared for at all! We’ve compiled just 10 of those laws and bans from across the world.

Lovers of travel are forever looking for a new excuse to pack their bags and head off to a new destination. Now travellers can pack their bags in search of exotic or rare Pokemon across the globe with Pokemon Go – the new augmented reality gaming app where you can catch Pokemon. Here are some of the great finds so far:

Wintertime in Australia means a lot less time at the beach. But it also gives us the opportunity to visit some of the other parts of our country. We’ve selected some of our favourite winter getaway destinations from right here at home. If you like winter, fireplaces, scenic views, wine and food then these are the holiday destinations for you.

Kimberlee Oo

When I booked my ticket to Mallorca, I was imagining sublime white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and a bronzed version of myself, sipping fruity sangria and snacking on patatas bravas. And yes, while all of this is possible in Mallorca, there are also lots of high-rise resorts and all-inclusive package hotels. Which is fine if you’re looking for an easy, hassle-free, all-you-can-eat-and-drink holiday, but I was after something a little more authentic.


Sally Watson

Old Québec is one picturesque, quaint, UNESCO World Heritage listed, walled city! Here is a guide to seeing some of the key locations of on foot - get your camera ready.

Olivia Mackinnon

Before my trip I got recommendations a-plenty, but these are the incredible experiences I discovered for myself in New York.

Pia Marsh

Discover the best food and hidden treasures of Copenhagen only locals know.

Jess Buchan

It felt like I’d been punched in the chest.

I attempted to suck in air, trying my hardest not to panic, as I gingerly sat on a moss-covered rock. I focused on one lone cactus to try and avoid the dizziness and I cursed myself for deciding to come on this trip.

By Pia Marsh

Discover the magic of Morocco's cities, surf and desert.

Lisa Owen

Looking for an adrenaline kick while living the island life? Then head to Maui’s west coast.