Vanuatu For First Timers

Scott Pass

The islands of Vanuatu are an untouched utopia of pristine beaches and electric blue lagoons. Here are our top places to visit while you're on the islands.

By Pia Marsh

Discover the magic of Morocco's cities, surf and desert.

Lisa Owen

Looking for an adrenaline kick while living the island life? Then head to Maui’s west coast.

By Lisa Owen

If you are looking for an adrenaline fuelled getaway then Queenstown is the place for you.

By Pia Marsh

Over the past eight centuries, Oxford has educated some of the world’s brightest minds, but there is so much more to the city than its history and feverish academia.

By Sam Turner

The Gold Coast is home to some of Queensland’s most breathtaking views, enjoyable climbs and beautiful flora and fauna.

By Mike Campbell

Mike discovered Hayward, North America's home of cross-country skiing which hosts the annual American Birkebeiner - the largest international cross-country ski marathon in the country.

By Kimberlee Oo

As an Aussie living in Paris, Kimberly has some hot tips on where to get the best Aussie-inspired brunch.

By Lisa Owen

If you enjoy being in the great outdoors, hiking, and exploring unique landscapes, then San Diego is one place you can enjoy all year round.

By Michael Simms, Registered Nurse

Planning an Adventure Holiday? - Like the feel of the wind at your back? Looking for a cheap easy way to get about? Renting a Moped, Scooter or Motorbike to take in the sights of overseas countries sounds like a lot of fun - and for many travellers it is - but for some this is the where the holiday can become a nightmare.


Follow the first-hand experiences of three Australian travellers who were trekking near Everest Base Camp when a massive earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015. In one of the proudest moments in our 30 year history, Cover-More was the only travel insurance company in the world to send an assistance team and an aircraft into Kathmandu to bring travellers home. This is a story of adventure, rescue and the kindness of strangers.