Welcome to Asia

The continent home to the majority of the human population, Asia is the earth’s largest continent with a wide range of languages and religions. From 1 to 1800 A.D. China and India were considered the largest economies in the world and attracted many to the east. Asia consists of 48 UN member countries and 6 other states.

With over 7,000 beautiful islands in the Philippine Archipelago, it can be hard to decide which might be the best to visit for premium relaxation.

New Delhi is a historical city that is home to some of the finest traditional Indian food. India has a variety of traditional tastes to offer and their capital of New Delhi fully embraces that authenticity. Here is our list of the 11 top traditional New Delhi restaurants for a taste of customary local cuisine.

Food in Thailand reflects the culture of the country: warm, generous and inviting. In fact, meals often become a social occasion in itself, a reason to celebrate. Depending on the part of country you are visiting, you will find different specialties according to the available ingredients and local tastes. 

Thailand is a country of contrasts, where temples that have been around for thousands of years bump shoulders with skyscrapers that are barely older than a decade. Their cities are constantly moving and teem with relentless activity while their suburbs enjoy a slower pace and a more laid-back attitude. Wherever you go though, you are sure to be met by friendly locals who are willing to share their beautiful country with you. Exotic and urban, historic and modern, friendly and frenetic; Thailand is calling your name.

Visiting this marble mausoleum known as the 'crown of palaces' is sure to be the highlight of any Indian adventure. But to your pilgrimage to the Taj perfect, take a look at our list of top travel hacks for visiting this monument.

If the fearsome border doesn’t scare you away, the Korean Peninsula has many dazzling sights to offer. Ancient meets modern in South Korea’s capital city. See where you should plan to go on your next South Korean holiday.

From small-budget backpackers to luxury-seeking adventurers, there is a Thailand accommodation to, well, accommodate every visitor. At Cover-More, we have been around the world and back again to find you the best travel tips. Take a look at our list of Thailand accommodations for all travel styles to find the best spot for your next Asian getaway.

In Thailand, your weather options are really hot and wet or hot and dry. Really, no matter when you visit, expect some heat. Jokes aside, though, Thailand is the perfect location for travellers looking to experience heat – from warm ocean waters to spicy street food, Thailand brings a little extra kick to every experience.

Follow our guide to visit the best islands of Thailand for your desires – or don’t, and visit them all – the choice is yours. Read more.

If you are thinking Indonesia for your next holiday, Bali is probably your safest bet – but that doesn’t mean scam artists aren’t still lurking. To stay safe on your next island getaway, familiarize yourself with the top scams you may encounter while travelling in Bali.