Welcome to the Americas

Comprising of North, Central and South America – The America’s covers 8% of Earth’s total surface and is known as the New World. It’s made up of 35 countries with the largest populations coming from the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

No matter the time of the year, Vancouver always has plenty to see and do. There are attractions for outdoor enthusiasts, museums and aquariums for rainy days, and as the culinary capital of Canada, the cuisine is outstanding. With its natural landscapes and scenic backgrounds, visitors easily forget that this beautiful Canadian region is in fact a city. Here are the top things to see and do during your holiday in Vancouver.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, so you can only imagine the vast amount of territory there is to explore. These 10 amazing hikes guide you through the beautiful landscapes of Canada providing close-ups of wildlife and some of the most spectacular views of mountains, glaciers and lakes. Head outside during your holiday - there is a hike for all tastes and abilities.

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia and is filled with natural wonders that will awaken your inner explorer. Enjoy a variety of majestic landscapes from mountains and rain forests to beaches and glaciers. When not enjoying the incredible nature views and wildlife interactions while on holiday in Canada, you will be blown away by the top-notch cuisine and cultural flair for which this country is renowned.

Travelling abroad is a time to let loose and enjoy yourself, but unfortunately, there are people out there who sense your relaxed behaviour. Scam artists target tourists and travellers and can be very dangerous if you are not prepared. While there are tourist scams all over the world, if you are booking a trip to the United States, here are a five major scams you should be aware of.

Travel alerts are currently in place for Haiti, which means unfortunately this sandy paradise with a rich historic and cultural background is not recommended as a travel destination for Australians at present. SmarTraveller and the Australian government are advising all visitors to exercise a high degree of caution if you must travel to Haiti, and to reconsider your need to travel at all in some parts of the country.

Transport back to a simpler time in Havana, Cuba. This city may be timeworn, due to the long-standing economic embargo against the country, but its colonial architecture and pristine beaches make Havana a diamond in the rough

From massive sand dunes to Pacific waves, Peru is much more than the chiselled peaks of Machu Picchu. If you visit this beautiful and diverse country, be ready for a little whimsy and a lot of adventure. While it is almost impossible to have a bad time in Peru, if you are considering a visit, consider these must-see locations.

When you decide to hit the shops in St. Barth’s there are two ways to go about it. You can head to the high-end stores that make up a majority of downtown Gustavia or you can try to explore fashion and style in St. Barth’s by visiting the local merchants and getting a better understanding of their fashion sense. Regardless of the one you want to do (or if you do both!) you’ll get your mind off other things and relax as the sea breezes and beautiful scenery follows you from shop to shop.

St. Barth’s cuisine is famous for its intense flavours, high quality and wide variety. This French-owned island boasts mainland-French culinary influences that are impossible to ignore, though many restaurants take liberties with traditional meals and add their own flair. Every meal is an occasion to celebrate and to take the time to savour every flavour that’s in front of you. Don’t be surprised to see Creole-favourites on most menus as the island’s culinary masterminds experiment with locally-grown ingredients.

For such a small Caribbean island, St. Barth’s is blessed with 14 pristine beaches that are free and open to the public. Even in the high season, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a beach that is crowded. Pack your sunscreen, your most fashionable swimsuit, a bottle water and a towel to head out for a beach experience unlike any other in the Caribbean.